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The Songwriters Joint

California Sober

California Sober

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“I've had years I don't recall, but I'm told I had a ball

At least someone did who looked a lot like me

So I'm California sober as they say

And lately I can't find no other way

I can't stay out and party like I did back in the day

So I'm California sober as they say

Aw, pick it, Willie…”

Rock the tee, put your windows down, and crank this heater up to volume 18. Based off the banger track by the Texas Legend and The Psychedelic Bluegrass G.O.A.T! At The Joint we believe strongly in the benefits of cannabis and our very own Founder, Jay Surf, lives out the Cali Sober lifestyle everyday. #FreeThePlant

Triblend sky blue colored tee for that relaxed weekend feel.

**Support Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

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