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Marvin Gardens Print 1978

Marvin Gardens Print 1978

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16 X 20 size Frame NOT included. Support AFA

This one of a kind print was captured by Chris Lauber on March 9, 1978 from the front row at the Orpheum Theatre, Boston, likely singing "Son of a Sailor" as the opener. 

The Drunk Rock ‘N’ Roll Caribbean GOAT: A man who was criticized for writing songs about drugs, sex, and booze during a time when cocaine was as easy to buy as Key Lime Pie in Key West. Real? Mythical? The GOAT claims Marvin is as real as they come, because he and Marvin hung out in Chicago with Steve Goodman and John Prine. They also went down to Key West alongside Jerry Jeff Walker, Phil Clark, Hunter S. Thompson, and Chris Robinson. Reached for comment in Los Angeles, Jimmy stated that, "Some people don't even know how close Marvin and I used to be. I'll miss him. We were so very close." He added, "It sort of became an on-running joke. 'Fingers' (Taylor, Buffett's harmonica man) used to call him my alter-ego. It got so bad that some people even wondered if there were actually two people or just one of us. Kind of like Batman and Bruce Wayne. That sort of thing." Recalling their early adventures, Buffett recounts, "I'd often sign in to hotels under Marv's name. Marvin never could figure out why Holiday Inn's lawyers kept sending him all those certified letters." Some people claim Marvin died around 1988 and that Mr. Gardens' remains were cremated and spread over The Chart Room Bar where his closest friends did lines of his remains. According to The GOAT, this was an invitation-only event. Marvin has no known survivors. However, some believe this is just a cover up and Marvin is in a retirement home down South with an IV of Gatorade in his arm and is still mixing Purple Passions.

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