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1986 Marvin Gardens & Fingers Taylor Print

1986 Marvin Gardens & Fingers Taylor Print

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Marvin Gardens & Greg "Fingers" Taylor 1986

Size 16 X 20. Frame NOT included. Photo by Chris Lauber (All Rights Reserved)


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One evening in the early 1970s, a Southern Miss sophomore was, as he later recalled, "just wandering through The Hub,...and there was this guy with long blonde hair and a mustache about five little old ladies on break from their night class.” Captivated by the sounds he was hearing, the young man, who had recently been honing his own skills on the harmonica, asked if he could sit in on a number or two. "So we got up there,” he remembered, "and it was just sort of a chemistry, just one of those things."

The student was, as he came to be known, Greg "Fingers” Taylor, and the guitar-strumming singer was a recent Southern Miss grad named Jimmy Buffett. "The next day,” says Taylor, "I was driving him to his parents'' house in Mobile, the sun was coming up, and Jimmy was singing; there was a bonding that occurred there at that point; we knew that we were going to play music together somewhere down the line."

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