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Roger Bartlett Signed Rancho Deluxe Album

Roger Bartlett Signed Rancho Deluxe Album

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Signed by legendary musician and Coral Reefer, Roger Bartlett. Roger was asked by Jimmy to sing on “Left Me With A Nail To Drive.” The Joint had to dig real deep and pull this out for the stash. These are very rare. Two currently in stock! Includes a song line from the song.

Rancho Deluxe, The soundtrack album contains songs and instrumental incidental music, all written by Buffett. "Wonder Why We Ever Go Home" and "Livingston Saturday Night" were subsequently re-recorded by Buffett and released on Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes and Son of a Son of a Sailor respectively. Both of the remakes are significantly different than the Rancho Deluxe originals. "Livingston Saturday Night" is a monaural recording and has significant lyrical changes (e.g., "sixteen may get you twenty" becomes "fifteen may get you twenty") and "Wonder Why We Ever Go Home" is extended to become a full-length song.

 **It is his only album that contains a song that Buffett himself does not sing on, "Left Me with A Nail to Drive" with vocals by Coral Reefer Band member Roger Bartlett.

There were no singles released from the album.

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